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imperialism, for the German cult of might.
Mtach that is similar may be found in Mars,
especially his attitude toward Russia and the
Slav, or toward anti-Semitism. During, who is
a, sort of anarchist, was an extreme anti-Semite,
as were Langben, the author of a book on
Rembrandt, Chamberlain and Woltmann. All
these made attempts mote or less successful to
provide scientific basis for the racialist theory,
the myth of a chosen Aryan race which was, of
course, the Germans.

The real founder of the race theory, however,
was the French Gobineau, a keen thinker and
writer of the aristocratic type, quite disdainful
of coarse anti-Semitism, just as of anything
coarse and unrefined. He is the creator of the
myth of the chosen Aryan race and the noble
mission of the Germans, whom, by the way,
he held to have become an impure race. For
Gobineau, the theory of the inequality of different
races served above all as the basis for the aristo-
cratic idea, the justification of aristocratic culture.
In contrast to the modern German racialists,
Gobineau was a pessimist and believed in the
inevitable decline of races and cultures. In
France, Gobineau had small success and his race
theory was not accepted. But it took root in
Germany and developed a much coarser form
than its original. Chamberlain was also a very